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Companies that had benefited from our Customer Technical Training Programme include;

  • Allgreen Properties Limited
  • ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • National Safety Council of Singapore
  • Public Utilities Board
  • REC Modules Pte Ltd
  • Sembcorp Industries Ltd
  • Engineering Contractors Association
  • Singapore Press Holdings Limited
  • Singapore Telecommunications Limited
  • UOL Group Limited

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ON Engineers LEW Preparatory Course

ON Engineers is the pioneer in providing the Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) Course, first started in September 2013 under the company’s old name Quality Power Management Pte Ltd (“QPM”)

The course main objective remains unchanged – to share our experience and knowledge as the leading provider of professional LEW services to enable course attendees to be better prepared in attaining their Electrical Worker licences.

With such a large pool of knowledge to be shared, we will continually improve to enable our course to be the best in the industry.

Module-1: Introduction & Overview of Singapore’s LEW Regime
Module-2: EMA Licensing, CS3 and Turn-On Procedures
Module-3: Electrical Hazards & Safety Practices
Module-4: SS638:2018 - Design, Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations in Compliance (Formerly CP5)
Module-5: Other Mandatory Code of Practice such as Generator Requirements and Temporary Supply Requirements
Module-6: Electrical Testing for Inspection and Turn-On
Module-7: Design Requirement for LV Switchboards
Module-8: Question & Answer for Course Review
Trainers : ON Engineers’ LEWs and experienced staff
Date : -
Location :
Time :
Fees : (Subject of GST)
Meals Provided : Lunch and 2 tea breaks

(The course will include lunch and light refreshments during the breaks)

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If you are a member of the Singapore Electrical Contractors and Licensed Electrical Workers Association (“SECA”) and are interested to attend, please click HERE.

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Who should attend?

Anyone interested to strive for relevant LEW qualifications and gain various knowledge areas which in our opinion, a competent LEW should know.

Why choose ON Engineers' LEW Preparatory Course?

We aim to continually update and improve our course’s learning coverage. We use specialized trainers for the different modules. Our trainers are very experienced in their scope of work and include technical trainers who hold the various LEW licences (ie. Electrical Engineer’s Licence, Electrical Technician’s Licence and Electrican’s Licence). We also have a trainer who specializes in the EMA Licensing, CS3 and Turn-One Procedures (for Module 2).

Class participants will also be able use various equipment to practice on an electrical test board to familiarize themselves on the practical aspects of Electrical Testing for Inspection and Turn-On (Module 6).

What are the entry requirements or educational background needed for this course?

There are no entry requirements for this course. The course is open to all, catering specifically to those who wish to wish to apply to be an LEW, or for those who deal with LEWs in the course of their work.

Will I get an LEW licence immediately after completing this course?

An LEW licence can only be granted by the regulator of Singapore’s electricity industry – the Energy Market Authority (EMA).

ON’s LEW Preparatory course is based on our experience in the electrical installation licensing field, and will provide a foundation on what is expected for one to be an LEW.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to course attendees.

Does this course cover the three classes of LEW licences (ie. Electrician / Electrical Technician / Electrical Engineer licences)? Or does it specifically cover only one class?

This course introduces the foundations that an LEW should be well-versed in, and is relevant to all three classes of LEW licences.

After this course, can I carry out high-voltage switching on my company?

The course does not certify you to carry out switching work for your company.

You will need to have valid electrical worker licence to carry out such switching work, or you will need the supervision of the authorised switching engineer.

Can I apply for EMA licence first then enroll for this course or vice versa?

Yes you may. But we strongly advise you to attend the course first before your interview date with the EMA, so that you can be better prepared.


Electrical Safety and Assessment

Highly recommended for Building LEW under ON Engineers

We organise this class for the appointment as 'Trained Person' in order to satisfy the requirements of the Electricity Act.

This is an assessment to make sure your team is adequately trained and properly assessed before we are able to issue the LOA under Electrical Act to work on installation under ON Engineers charge. ON Engineers is accountable for the safety of your team working inside the electrical network

We work with our clients and conduct assessment of their technical staff attendees so as to qualify them as their company’s “Trained Person” in relation to the Electricity Act (Chap 89A):

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Clause 82(4)(f) a trained person to carry out any work in accordance with the written instructions of the licensed electrical worker in charge of the relevant electrical installation.
Clause 82(5) In subsection (4) (f), a ‘trained person’ means any employee who is –

  1. recognized by his employer and the licensed electrical worker in charge of the relevant electrical installation to have the necessary knowledge and experience to avoid danger; and
  2. capable of carrying out the work specified in the written instructions of the licensed electrical worker.