Power Quality & Analysis Services

Our PQA service suite covers the extended services of our licensing clients and is essentially made up of several different types of analyses which will evaluate different aspects of an electrical system.

These analyses cover the areas of:

  • Lightning Protection System
  • Electrical Earthing System
  • Electrical Protection Discrimination
  • Electrical Power Quality
  • Electrical System
  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance

All-Inclusive ON Engineers Audit

This provides an overall electrical system condition, with reference to the code of practice and the authority requirements. This audit will identify following critical factors:

  • Problematic areas that need immediate attention
  • Areas in the electrical system that can be further improved
  • Reliability of the electrical and lightning protection system
  • Reliability of the electrical earthing system
  • Reliability of the electrical power system

Benefits arising from an All-Inclusive ON Engineers Audit

  • Better maintenance schedule and procedures
  • Reduction of power outages due to improper electrical and lightning protection system
  • More reliable electrical power system
  • Safer working environment for on-site personnel
  • Audit report can be used for future reference during upgrading works

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