ON Engineers is the industry's largest electrical licensing service provider, overseeing the safety of major electrical installations across all sectors, such as commercial and retail, data-centers, telecommunications, petrochemical & hazardous trades, healthcare, hospitality, industrial and government services.

At ON Engineers, we have a large pool of in-house engineers across all license-categories. Whether you are an office unit, a shopping complex or a chemical plant, ON has the right engineering team and budget for you.

Our Essential Services provides an appropriate class of licensed electrical worker (LEW) to hold your building license, inspect the installation, maintain the required records and drawings, perform switching and carry out periodic shutdown maintenance services. Beyond essential services, our technical team is capable of managing high-voltage facilities and infrastructures ranging from municipal wastewater plants to data-centers.


License required to use or operate an electrical installation in Singapore.

To comply with Singapore's Electricity Act, nearly all electrical installations for non-domestic purposes are required to have an Energy Market Authority (EMA) electrical installation license to receive electricity and operate.

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) electrical installation license is applied through a licensed electrical worker (LEW) and renewed annually by the LEW together with the building landlord/MCST.


Approved Load Appropriate class of LEW Available at ON Engineers
400kV and above Grade 9 (400kV) LEW Yes
230kV and above Grade 9 (230kV) LEW Yes
66kV and above Grade 9 (66kV) LEW Yes
22kV and above Grade 9 (22kV) LEW Yes
Low voltage and 500kVA and above Grade 9 (1kV) LEW Yes
Low Voltage and 45kVA and above Grade 8 LEW Yes
Low Voltage and below 45kVA Not required except in Contestable buildings Yes


Note : While Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) has become the convenient catch-all term for all classes of license holders, the actual licenses issued by the Energy Market Authority are Licensed Electrician (Grade 7), Licensed Electrical Worker (Grade 8) and Licensed Electrical Engineer (Grade 9).


Licensing Requirement for En-Bloc Contestable Scheme

When the landlord/MCST is a contestable consumer that buys power en-bloc (i.e., in bulk) and supplies it to all the tenants, the landlord/MCST's main electrical intake acts as the master source of power. It is required by law that the electrical installation licence of the landlord/MCST's covers each and every individual tenant's unit.

In addition, the LEW engaged by the landlord/MCST is required to take charge of the installations of the tenants including other installations that draw electricity from the master source.

In practice more than 90% of such contestable buildings arrange for their tenant installations to also appoint the landlord's LEW to take charge. In other cases, some tenants engage their own third-party LEW with a letter of undertaking to the landlord/MCST's LEW.


4 Essential Aspects of the LEW's Function


1. Be technically accountable to the Energy Market Authority as the engineer-in-charge.

The first and foremost role of the LEW is to ensure the electrical or supply installation at the property is in compliance with the Electricity Act, Energy Market Authority (EMA)'s regulations and Code of Practices. The LEW shall perform checks and inspections at the clients' property to ensure safety and functionality. It includes the inspections of tenant units under the En-Bloc Contestable Scheme (if applicable).

In the event of any accident or incident involving the electrical installation the LEW is required at the discretion of the EMA to provide a technical account.


2. Perform Electrical Inspection Services

  • Inspections have to be performed annually at the minimum.
  • Monthly interval for temporary electrical installation.
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Half-Yearly intervals for majority of sites from industrial plants to condominiums.
  • Annual inspection is usually practiced for tenant units in a multi-tenanted property.

Upon completion of the inspection, an inspection report is made by the LEW. Inspection reports cover the condition of the system and its compliance to standards required for safe operation as stipulated by EMA, plus recommendations to improve reliability and performance.

At ON Engineers, our inspection teams carry specialized mobile devices with digital inspection reports that instantly (and securely) uploads into our cloud server. At the clients' request, the data can be seamlessly viewed at the client service portal and/or integrated into building management systems.


3. Perform Electrical Switching Services

The Electricity Act permits only the licensed electrical worker (LEW) to perform electrical switching in a licensed installation. Unlike turning on and off, for e.g., a simple room light, electrical switching at the building level involves higher currents and voltages and is the reason why the Energy Market Authority requires an LEW to perform them.

The building LEW is also capable of assessing and authorizing technically competent person(s) to perform limited switching. Even so, such switching is restricted to a specific scope and lower power classification.


4. Perform Other Basic Services

  • Keep an up-to-date set of single-line drawings of the property.
  • Main an up-to-date record of modification, rectification, additions and alteration.
  • Submit an application or renewal application to Energy Market Authority (EMA) to obtain a licence to operate the electrical installation for a period of twelve months.
  • Provide round-the-clock emergency response service and expeditiously attend to all breakdown calls.

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